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20s Tech Trends steps behind the headlines, to provide news and analysis relating to the current renaissance in Tech that’s occurring at the intersection of hardware, software, and the cloud. Today, innovation is thriving and evolving at breathtaking rates — including in ways that will dramatically impact every aspect of life and science. Topics covered center around the relevant chip and software technologies, standards, businesses, and public policies that will influence the evolution of this exciting decade of tech disruption and advancement.

Above: Gartner’s view of 2022’s top tech trends
(click image to enlarge; Gartner source)

Above: Gartner’s view of 2022’s “emerging hype cycle”
(click image to enlarge; Gartner source)
Welcome to the second decade of the 21st Century! Enjoy the ride 😉

Our founder

Jill Ratkevic, creator of 20s Tech Trends, was an early member of the LinuxDevices.com editorial team, reporting on Open Source, Linux, and embedded/mobile tech. As Founder of Black Swans, Jill has helped launch game-changing tech startups including Salesforce, Heroku, IBM/Cloudant, GitLab, AMD, New Relic, WindRiver, and Sun Microsystems, and has advised YCombinator companies. These days she writes about disruptive tech trends that are transforming our world.

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