BD bots dance into the new year!

Boston Dynamics rang in the 2020’s with an extremely entertaining video of their crew of robots showing off their very fluid dance moves! Enjoy…

We at have long been ardent robot fans, as you can see in this prior reporting on Boston Dynamics’s awesome bots, as well as lots more in this Linux-based Robots Quick Reference Guide.

Agility and smooth motion were a major challenge to robotics for many years, but this decade is proving to be when understanding of how purpose-built machines and robots can change everything. Now, technology is enabling a level of access like never before, bringing design and building together, and materially changing how numerous industries operate. Earlier this month Boston Dynamics’s construction manager Brian Ringley discussed the impact robots are having as agile “architect assistants” remotely checking on construction sites. Says Ringley, “an architect’s ability to consistently access a site, whether it be physically or remotely via agile mobile robots, creates a simultaneity to design and construction practices.”

Happy New Year, and welcome to the Roaring Twenties of the Second Millennium!