Chip IP leader Arm plots its next 30 years

Apple’s very public move this year to design its own silicon for new products sent shockwaves rippling through the semiconductor industry.

With other major vendors of smart products clamoring to bring the designs of their key processor components in-house, Arm has emerged as the key player in the growing economy around semiconductor design and the developer tooling that supports these efforts. The UK-based company reportedly “licenses its microchip blueprints to tech giants and hardware startups alike, more than 500 in all. Arm already has 90 percent of the market for processors that go into smartphones, tablets and laptops.”

Against this backdrop, the prominent U.S. chip maker, Nvidia has agreed to acquire Arm Holdings for $40 billion in cash and stock — the industry’s largest deal to date if it passes regulatory review.

Based on its three decades of experience in the custom chip IP industry, Arm has just published a “Blueprint” outlining the technologies and trends that are expected to drive the coming decades. From “Invisible AI” to a shift toward “memory-centric computing architectures” and “neural networks everywhere,” ARM leadership and experts review what they see as the challenges in chip design and advancements they expect to see next.

Learn more about Arm’s Blueprint here.